Semi Automatic Aluminium Tube Filling,
Crimping, and Coding Machine

Semi Automatic Aluminium Tube Filling, Crimping, and Coding Machine

Semi Automatic Double Head Aluminum And Lami Combo Type Tube Filling Machine

Semi-automatic machine are used for filling and sealing aluminum tubes. The filing mechanism of this type of machine is fast and so it is considered a good option for filing,crimping and batch coding tubes. Due to its auto drip free filing mechanism and its efficiency, the use of this machine is done on a pre-dominant basis. A temperature controller is mounted on the machine to help filing and crimping operations.

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of one of the best semi-automatic tube filing, crimping and coding machine. The design of our machine is ergonomic and convenient for use by operators. Our devices have a large size opening of the front guard with an improved tube orientation system. We also provide a system for change over and good access for maintenance of the machine. Certain benefits associated with the machine include:

  • ➤ These are cost effective machines and hence affordable to users with low budget.
  • ➤ The pattern is user friendly and hence uncomplicated for operations.
  • ➤ These equipment are highly durable and excellent in their overall performance.
  • ➤ These are tailor made according to the requirements of the industry users.
  • ➤ Attachments are provided for the purpose of cleaning the machines regularly and hence the maintenance cost is minimized.

The quality of our machines is exceptionally unique. This has been possible due to the skilled technicians we have and the rigid workflow followed by them in making the product. From our end, we design the machines in manner convenient for our customers. We customize the machines as per the specifications and instructions as given by our customers. We at Harish Pharma Engineering are committed to provide only best quality machine for filing, crimping and coding purpose. Majorly, we cater to the needs of pharmaceutical, agrochem, polymer, biotech industries.

Technical Specification

Filling speed for aluminum

20 to 30 tube per/min

Filling range

5 to 150 gm interchangeable syringe and piston

Tube size

Min. Dia - 12 to 35 mm, length - 70 to 180 mm

Operator require

One operator

Power consumption

2 Kw.

Compressor air

6 to 7 kg/PSI

Net weight

300 Kg.

Gross weight

350 Kg.


L - 46", W - 32", H - 86"

Salient Features

  • ➤ Manually Tube feeding.
  • ➤ Rotary type & compact design
  • ➤ Filling range 5 gm to 50 gm.
  • ➤ Filling accuracy +1%
  • ➤ Correct & uniform filling
  • ➤ No tube no filling device.
  • ➤ For Aluminum tube Crimping done by mechanical method.
  • ➤ Hot air system for tube sealing by leister heater & blower.
  • ➤ Batch coding Number (Male or Female) also available.
  • ➤ Tube cooling by water pump to circulate water outside the tube portion to improve sealing quality.
  • ➤ Quick changeover from aluminum to lami tubes
  • ➤ All the contact parts in S.S. 304/316/316L as per requirements.
  • ➤ Production counter installed on control panel to indicate number of tubes filled.
  • ➤ Automatic tube ejection.
Option Item or attachment
  • ➤ Jacketed hopper with Stirrer
  • ➤ Orientation of tube I mark
  • ➤ 300 gm filling capacity