High Speed Tube Filling Machine

High Speed Tube Filling Machine

High Speed Tube Filling Machine

This machine is used for filling,sealing,labelling and trimming of laminated / aluminum tubes. Pneumatic mechanism is used for filling and sealing of the tubes in this machine and the complete process of filling and shutting the tubes is done by the machine totally untouched by anyone. The machine is designed in a manner that all types of batches from large to small can be handled effectively. High grade materials like SS316 and SS304 are used in manufacturing of this machine. This machine is suitable for all types of aluminum, collapsible, laminated and plastic tube filling machines. The equipment can handle the activities like tube feeding, orienting, cleaning, filling, sealing, crimping, coding, cutting and ejecting.

At harsh pharma & engineering, we are committed to manufacture and supply the best quality tube filling machine at economical pricing. The design of this product is made by us as per the customization requirements and specifications from our customers. We welcome the views and suggestions from our clients in an open and informal manner. Our policies related to our business are also quite ethical and simple. Due to such an approach, we have carved a good name for ourselves in the market and among our customers. Our manufactured products are tested on different parameters by our team of expert quality controllers so that there is a surety of producing only best quality machines from our end. We have a team of dedicated and determined professionals who work round the clock in an organized manner to make timely delivery to our clients.

Technical Specification

Filling speed 100 to 120 tube per/min
Filling range 5 to 50 gm interchangeable syringe and piston
Tube size Max. Dia - 25 mm, length - 70 to 180 mm
Operator require One operator
Power consumption 7 Kw.
Compressor air 6 to 7 kg/PSI
Net weight 500 Kg.
Gross weight 550 Kg.
Dimension  L - 64”, W - 86”, H - 36”

Salient Features

Some of the salient features of our machine can be summed up as under:

  • ➤ This machine is accurately suitable for laminates tubes.
  • ➤ Fully Automatic tube feeding, Orientation, filling, sealing, cutting is done through this machine.
  • ➤ The capacity of this machine is 6000 to 7200 tubes per/hour.
  • ➤ We manufacture one of the premium quality machines which are not just low budget but are also versatile in its operations.
  • ➤ No tube no fill control device.
  • ➤ Cup holders are made up from one of the finest graded raw materials.
  • ➤ Filling accuracy -/+ accuracy.
  • ➤ Easy cleaning and maintenance for the machines.
  • ➤ Jacketed Hopper and Agitator are optional on our tube filler.

Optional Accessories :

  • ➤ Jacketed hopper & stirrer.
  • ➤ Tube cleaning Attachment.
  • ➤ Hopper Lavel Sensor.
  • ➤ Transfers Pumps.
  • ➤ Nitrogen Purging
  • ➤ PLC Controls