Semi Automatic Lami / Plastic Tube Filling,
Sealing, Coding and Cutting Machine

Semi Automatic Lami / Plastic Tube Filling, Sealing, Coding and Cutting Machine

Semi Automatic Lami / Plastic Tube Filling, Sealing, Coding and Cutting Machine

The machine is manufactured with mild steel angles made up from stainless steel. Over and above the use of steel it is also painted to get a smooth finish. This mechanical system is assembled with a suction pump which makes its operation a bit easy. The machine is equipped with a no tube no filling device connected to a hydraulic cylinder. Our semi-automatic machines are designed with exceptional tube orienting system which provide a good accuracy.

We manufacture user friendly sealing, coding and cutting machines which are easy to use and operate. Our machines are of the best quality with a practicable access. The sealing of the lami and plastic tubes is done by the inflated blades inside the machine, after sealing trimming is done to give a smooth finish. There are a couple of benefits associated with the use of this type of machine.

  • ➤These are economical not only to the manufacturer but also to the customers at large.
  • ➤ Since the material used is stainless steel, the maintenance cost is minimum.
  • ➤ The life time performance is good for a longer period as the units are highly durable in nature.
  • ➤ The customization of the machines is easy and less tiresome.

We at Harish Pharma Engineering have established an interactive process with our customers so that it becomes easy to understand the views and opinions of our customers. Our team of dedicated and determined skilled technicians come up with practical ideas to explain the customers about the operating part of the machine. The major industries which utilize our product include pharmaceutical, chemical, food processing, biotech and so on. Following are some of the salient features of semi-automatic machines:

Salient Features

  • ➤ Manually Tube feeding.
  • ➤ Rotary type & compact design.
  • ➤ Filling accuracy ± 1 %
  • ➤ Correct & uniform filling.
  • ➤ No tube no filling device.
  • ➤ For Lami & Plastic tube sealing, coding & cutting by Pneumatic cylinder.
  • ➤ Hot air system for tube sealing by leister heater & blower.
  • ➤ Tube cooling by water pump to circulate water outside tube portion to improve sealing quality..
  • ➤ Quick changeover from aluminum to lami tubes.
  • ➤ All the contact parts in S.S. 304/316/316L as per your requirement.
  • ➤ Production counter available on control panel to indicate number of tubes filled
  • ➤ Low maintenance required.
  • ➤ Automatic tube ejection..
Option Item or attachment
  • ➤ Jacketed hopper with Stirrer
  • ➤ Orientation of tube I mark
  • ➤ 300 gm filling capacity

Technical Specification

Technical Specification

Filling speed  for lami

20 to 30 tube per/min

Filling Range 5 to 150 gm

Tube size

Max. Dia - 16 mm to 40mm, length - 70 to 180 mm

Operator require

One operator

Power consumption

6 Kw.

Compressor air

6 to 7 kg/PSI

Net weight

300 Kg.

Gross weight

350 Kg.


L - 46”, W - 32”, H - 86”