Our Products

Filling machines also known as Fillers are used for packaging, especially for food and beverage These filling machines are also used for other products as well to fill a bottle, pouch, depending on the product. Flow filling machines are designed for thin food products like Oils and liquids.

The Tube filling machine is used in a broad range of applications in various industries like food products, pastes, powders, creams and lotions, glues, filling of greases and many more. Harish Pharma Engineering has the expertise in manufacturing variety of unique designs of automatic tube filling machines which are used for loading, filling and sealing plastic or metal tubes.

Harish Pharma Engineering is into the manufacturing of Liquid Filling Machine used in operations of Small and Medium size processes. As we know that a Machine which is used to fill Water in Bottle can’t fill Cold cream or a chemical duty filler can’t fill pharmaceutical grade or dairy products. But this liquid filling machine manufactured by Harish Pharma Machine can fill all type of liquids used in various industries.