Container Filling Machine

Container Filling Machine

Container Filling Machine

Filling machine are used to fill the different products in to a bag or a container. A bin or even a bottle can be termed as a container. Most of the material to be filled in the container are such that require measurement in precise quantity. A good example to understand this can be the grocery products which we use in our daily life, these products have to be packed in prescribed quantity and accurate measurement in various packages and containers. There are a number of filing machines to procure for powdered, liquid, granular materials. These machines are used in the process from manufacturing to delivering the products out of the factory. Each of the machine is as different from the other as per the products and industry which require them. Similarly, the design of each machine is made in different ways as per different tasks. Some of the features associated with the types of equipment include as follows:

  • ➤ Stainless steel material is used in the manufacturing of the product. Steel being a corrosion free, non-rusting material provides a sturdy look and strong work application. One more quality depicted is the reliability and consistency in the actual operation part throughout the process. It can be comfortably used for processing with solid, liquid or powdered form of components. The maintenance part is also simple to handle.
  • ➤ With the use of these machines, it is possible to minimize the downtime or the stopping time during production, this is possible because this work unit allows to make simple adjustments in least time to increase production.
  • ➤ Indexing time, filling time and other settings can be easily set up by the operators for this device with the help of programmable logic controller. This is majorly for the liquid fillers.
  • ➤ Dripless accurate filling is possible with the use of these machines. Thus material wastage will be minimized.
  • ➤ Filling range from 5 gms to 500 gms and filling accuracy +/- 1% is available.
  • ➤ Speed adjustment depending upon the volume and viscosity of the product can be done. This is beneficial with gummy type of products.
  • We at harsh pharma and engineering manufacture and supply best container filling machines available in the industry. With the use of best resources available and use of exceptionally fine graded materials we are able to achieve the high quality of the product. Our expert technicians and engineers are able to achieve the best quality due to the strict compliance to the industry standards and norms. Our policy to supply high quality products in a strict timely manner has made us to stand as a reliable manufacturer in the industry. This has been also possible due to the latest and modern techniques used by us in one of the best infrastructure facilities. We make and supply the machines as per the specifications and instructions from our customers.

    Salient Features

    • ➤ Dripless accurate filling.
    • ➤ Filling accuracy ± 1% .
    • ➤ Filling range 5gm to 500gm.
    • ➤ very low space require.
    • ➤ lower maintenance require.
    • ➤ speed depending upon volume & viscosity of the product.
    • ➤ all the contact parts are 304 / 316 / 316L quality as per your requirement.

    Below equipment can be optionally made available with us:

    • ➤ Automatic container feeding with turn table or packing conveyor.
    • ➤ Jacketed hopper & mixing stirrer.
    • ➤ Plugging & capping machine.

    It's ideally suited for filling of pharmaceuticals ointment, cosmetic, adhesive type resin & hardener, fevicol, cream, shaving cream, paste and other high viscose materials rubber adhesive, chyawanprash etc.