Semi Automatic Cosmetic Tube Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Cosmetic Tube Filling Machine

Semi Automatic Lami / Plastic Tube Filling, Sealing, Coding and Cutting Machine

This tube has a huge demand in cosmetic industry for filling up creams and lotions. This machine ensures that the product filled inside the tube remains fresh for longer time. It can be said to be a good compromise between a manual and automatic machine. This tube filling machine is inspected against various parameters to give assurance about the quality of the product. The installation of this machine is easy and it increases the productive efficiency with a filling speed of 30/40 tubes per minute. A couple of benefits can be characterized as below:

  • ➤ The machine can produce large volumes of filled tubes in a short span of time due to the fast speed of the machine.
  • ➤ The product volume in each tube can be similar each time. It means consistency can be achieved in the production.
  • ➤ Since all the work is done by machines actual man handling of the machines is very negligible. This leads to safety of the work force as well as the machines remain in good condition.
  • ➤ These machines simultaneously offers different functions of cleaning of tubes, filling, sealing and labelling.

We are the manufacturers of the best quality semi-automatic cosmetic tube filling machine. Our team of quality controllers and technical persons are specialized in designing the machine in such a manner that customers remain satisfied with our work. Some of the main reasons behind our popularity in the market can be summed up due to following reasons:

  • ➤ Economical and cost effective devices.
  • ➤ Adherence to the best quality standards and norms.
  • ➤ Use of modern techniques.
  • ➤ One of the best team of quality and dedicated professionals.
  • ➤ Timely delivery without compromise on the quality front.

Technical Specification

Filling speed  for lami 20 to 30 tube per/min
Filling range 5 to 200 gm interchangeable syringe and piston
Tube size Max. Dia - 50 mm, length - 70 to 180 mm
Operator require One operator
Power consumption 6 Kw.
Compressor air 6 to 7 kg/PSI
Net weight 300 Kg.
Gross weight 350 Kg.
Dimension L - 46”, W - 32”, H - 86”

Our product is mainly in demand by pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. There are certain salient features of our product which can be highlighted in a nutshell as below:

Salient Features

  • ➤ Manual Tube feeding.
  • ➤ Rotary type & compact design.
  • ➤ Filling range 5 gm to 200 gm.
  • ➤ Filling accuracy ± 1 %.
  • ➤ Correct & uniform filling.
  • ➤ No tube no filling device.
  • ➤ For Lami & Plastic tube sealing, coding & cutting by Pneumatic cylinder.
  • ➤ Hot air system for tube sealing by leister heater & blower.
  • ➤ Batch coding Number (Male or Female) also available.
  • ➤ Tube cooling by water pump to circulate water outside tube portion for improve sealing quality.
  • ➤ Quick changeover from aluminum to lami tubes.
  • ➤ All the contact parts in SS316 as per your requirement.
  • ➤ Production counter available on control panel to indicate number of tube filled.
  • ➤ Lower maintenance required.
  • ➤ Automatic tube ejection.
Option Item or attachment
  • ➤ Jacketed hopper with Stirrer.
  • ➤ Orientation of tube I mark.
  • ➤ 300 gm filling capacity.